Car Trials

A championship of Car Trials are held for club members. Held on private land, these events are for production cars (although there is a class for specials) over a course that is suiable to test the capabilities of cars of all sizes. The overall winner is decided by Index of Performance so every competitor has an equal chance of winning.

Index of Performance An index of performance will be established for each class by taking the average performance of the best 50% of finishers (or if there is an odd number, of finishers plus one) in the class. (To be classified as a a finisher for index purposes only, a competitor must have attempted all sections). Competitors marks lost are then expressed as a percentage of this index.

In the event that the best 50% of finishers results in less than five , the scores equivalent to that of the class winner will be added to the results of the class a sufficient number of times, so that the average for the class can be based on five scores.
In the event of one or more competitors finishing with a total score of zero for the whole event, then a notional penalty of one mark will be added to the total score of ALL finishers before working out the Index of Performance.

Gymkhanas are driving tests held wholly on private land, the club run The Dunster Lawns Gymkhana held in August which is one of the most enjoyable days we have.
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